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Although my life may seem a bit chaotic from the outside -- activities, colors, places, always being late (sorry!) -- there is a surprising amount of organization in my day-to-day. One such thing is my obsession with lists. Perhaps it's part of my visual nature or the fear of forgetting something, I am obsessing create lists and write in my journals. I often have multiple lists and journals competing for space in my mental landscape. As a result of this obsession, I've also created many lists about my travel experience. This is part of the fun :: the research of a place before you travel, creating a playlist for when you'll be there, reading travel memoirs about the place to...

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Travel + Metamorphosis

    At a lively café tucked in an alleyway somewhere in East London on a cold, rainy day. Peering up at me is a steaming pot of proper Irish porridge with fruits, dates, and honey. A bit of a nomad today, I depart for Spain in the evening and I’m in the sweet limbo of the coming-and-going when you’re traveling — where you can pause from your everyday life and shadow a parallel existence — live in an alternative life, to which another series of choices may have directed you. Where would I reside if given a choice? The city is vast with opportunities to explore, yet I’m weighed down by what I’ve brought to it — perhaps quite physically and a bit metaphorically. Thinking...

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Sitting in an apartment on a quiet street in Barcelona. Lights are off inside and the sun gently lights the way.  Street sounds rise up from below – a moto, a dog barking, someone chatting with their neighbor across the terrace, laughter.  Music is softly carried through on the incoming breeze from my open balcony, overlooking what’s playing out below me.  It’s peaceful and I sit, merely existing amongst the world around me and I think of places far away, knowing that I too am far away from home, according to some definitions of the word, but again it doesn’t seem far.   A world created through scraps of conversations, passing glances, feelings, and wanderlust.  An alternative reality I’ve created yet...

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