How we approach Sustainability in fashion

What does sustainability mean to us? Choice and selection. 

We may be small, but we know that tiny drops fill the ocean. Each choice we make is a tiny drop and collectively they make an impact. 

At The Ovid Collective, we work with small, local partners on limited quantities. This ensures partnership, open communication and less waste in unsold inventory.

Image of Mediterranean Sea from birds eye view. There are rocks and a small beach

Additionally, we select materials that are environmentally and socially sustainable, ensuring that both people and planet are both positively impacted. 

In other words, eco-friendly organic cotton, recycled polyester for our materials and sustainable business practices that ensure fair treatment, opportunity, and dignity in our supply chain.

Each product comes with a Transparency Checklist so you can see our process and each choices we've made. And you can also learn about our continual improvements. 

Image of palm trees and the sky

Sustainability is not a destination, but a journey of infinite steps and choices. Here's to a positive path, continual improvement, and good choices! 


You can read more about our Sustainability Principles here.

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