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We are for the woman who experiences life to the fullest: she lives a poem, explores through fashion, is transformed by experiences & tells of her adventures through the clothing she wears.

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Travel changes us in so many ways and Ovidius Collection is our expression of how the beauty of interaction, art, and culture leave lasting marks on our soul and change us for the better.

At Ovidius, we release highly curated, limited edition collections that reflect our experiences, travel, and ways we interact with the world around us.

If there is nothing in the shop, that means we are busy designing our next collection of pieces for you.

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    We've put together our favorite kimono-inspired jacket looks in a quick style guide that to show you how to wear our pieces in a variety of ways! Download for our free guide

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    Travel represents an escape from the daily, an exploration of the world, and a discovery of self. Travel with us by motorcycle as we discover the world

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