Transparency Checklist

Buying apparel is a choice and it is important to know the impact of your choice on everyone who it touches. 

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In an effort to be a positive contribution in the fashion supply chain and to raise awareness to the complexity and opaqueness that often exists and masks negative impacts, we are posting our Transparency Checklist. This is a breakdown in our sourcing so that you may understand our process, where the raw materials are sourced, who made it, and your impact as a consumer.

After each product, you will see this checklist with the details on how it was made and with what materials. If you have further questions about our practices, please email us and we will do our best to answer your questions. 


Ethical + Conscious Fashion Transparency Check:

Transparency Grade (Low, Mid, or High)

Fabrics - where and how they were purchased

Trims - where and how they were purchased

Sewn - Where these were made and the type of facilities.