Sunday morning coffee. A meditation.

Sunday morning coffee. A meditation.

Living in NYC, Sundays were reserved for dancing to live Brazilian music in Brooklyn with friends. We called it "dance church" and yes, it was a spiritual experience. Both my cardio and also a chance to feel like I was in another country, speak português and meet people from all over the world who came to dance at Miss Favela. Part of the life I had carved out for myself. 

Bird's Eye image of a cappuccino with foam art looking like trees

When I moved to Spain and now Germany, I had to get used to shops being closed on Sunday and that this was day was reserved for relaxing and spending time with family. Not having my own nearby and living alone, I started to use these days for quiet reflection - A meditation on the past week and what the next week had in store. Though I miss dancing terribly (like, a lot a lot), I've come to enjoy this other way of Sundays. Not one better than the other, just different and I can appreciate that. 

"Grow where you're planted..."

This shot was taken in Barcelona while visiting my fiancé and enjoying an oat milk flat white. The espresso mixed with the foam reminded me of roots from a tree. Made me think of that saying, "grow where you're planted." I think my slow appreciation of quiet Sundays (as opposed to the hours of Forró dancing frenzy across NYC) is a testament to that. Leaving NYC was one of the hardest things I knew I had to do and, though it's always my home, I'm also growing where I'm (currently) planted. 

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