Global Mix Tapes

Travel through music and create melodic memories of your trip with The Ovid Collective Curated Playlist: Destination-based Spotify playlists with curated music from around the world.

Music plays a large part of our lives and shapes our experiences. 

Remember the days of tape recording songs from the radio and being annoyed the DJ spoke over the beginning? We are mixtape people :: creating playlists that shape the moments in our lives.  We carry this same thought forward to today -- Before each trip, a playlist is created of the songs that are on deck and in our heads. Years later we return to these musical time-capsules and it brings us directly back to that particular chapter in life when we took that trip. 

:: Global Jams :: 

Music and Artists from around the world that we love

:: Cape Verde Soundtrack ::

:: Ovid Barcelona soundtrack ::

::  East Africa soundtrack ::

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