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Ovid News & Updates:

Thank you for being part of the Ovid Collective community.  For those of you who know me personally, you may know more of the details behind-the-scenes.  For those of you who don’t, I’ll check out the updates below:  

A bit of context

I intend to speak of forms changed into other entities
Of things, changed: A bit of context - I launched The Ovid Collective during business school in Spain. A designer for 10 years in NYC, I wanted to get a more formal business education to complement the creative side of me. However, I couldn’t stay too far from creative ventures and hence, Ovid was created.  
In between life, work, and the future, Ovid went into hibernation - Occasionally, I posted on instagram and when I had time, there was a flurry of activity; but it ebbs and flows and is reliant on either my mood or what’s happening in my life.  Having a full time job and trying to be a solo-preneur in the scraps of leftover time is a challenge.  Sometimes you want to give up, sometimes you want to quit your job and just focus on launching your own business.  Too little time, too many obligations, and planning for the future - the necessary and the urgent are constantly at odds.  But such is life, no?  Finding a balance and evolving as you walk forward - what’s important to you, what do you want to do, what do you think your future self will want? How does your metamorphosis manifest?


A revamp, a metamorphosis

That brings me to now: Ovid is undergoing a revamp, a re-evaluation, a focus on what’s important.   Things are changing at Ovid Collective. 
It will be slow, gradual, and will evolve along the way.  Important changes are often gradual and hard to see in the minutiae, but they are lasting. Over this course, I'll share updates and snapshots from this metamorphosis, both as a brand and entrepreneur.  

What is The Ovid Collective?

Drawing of metamorphosis

The Ovid Collective is a fashion label inspired by things that change us // travel, music, culture & the experiences that impact change within us.  A collective, a curated lifestyle, and a community of explorers sharing these experiences.



First Steps

A big focus for me will be, focusing… Ovid Collective has been a creative expression and unfiltered in many ways.  It's not as commercial as it should be and I could certainly use some editing - It’s more stream-of-consciousness; I complicate things and I'm in love chaotic creativity.
That's cool and all, but.........I know that can be difficult for people to interpret, especially if I’m trying to sell products and share experiences through music, art, and travel. So first order of business: focus.

Chaotic creativity desk shot


Lots of tings. I’m working out what to produce and sell, what to talk about, and how to make it relevant for people.  We're hopefully introducing more menswear items (for beach and sport) and I'm finalizing my designs for the next capsule. Hello, Sportybra tops! I'm considering a few new silhouettes as well.
Beyond product, we're working out a new marketing strategy with an emphasis on building a community of fellow curious-minded explorers: We all have experiences that change us, let's share so we can discover new places, music, artisans and hopefully more about ourselves. 



For me, it’s always been about the experiences that change you and artifacts of these changes - memories, photographs, music, or clothing you bought when you were undergoing these experiences.  Snippets from a time past:

When I first moved to Spain, Bomba Estereo had just dropped an amazing album and that became a soundtrack for this new phase in my life.  Those chimes at the start of, “Algo está cambiando” bring me back to the sweltering streets of August in Barcelona, walking up Gran de Gracia to a flat I was subletting from a fellow New Yorker I had only met three weeks before, keys left for me at the bodega downstairs and the definite feeling of being some place foreign.  A sonar relic to that time passed. 
Or the skirt I bought at a night market in Hong Kong and took with me to Penang, Malaysia when I snuck away for a weekend during a work trip. I felt beautiful in the skirt - it was feminine, simple, and represented this time of wandering another foreign place. I wore it until the belt broke and wore it afterwards, just tucked in so others couldn’t see the break.
These memories are unique to my experience, but we all share memories of experiences - it’s a commonality between us all. 
Capsules of time and the experiences that created these memories.  We are all changed in our experiences - how do we remember, honor, and preserve them? How is our future built on these?


In other words...The Ovid Collective is


Final thoughts

Over the next few months, I'll be defining, revamping, and evolving The Ovid Collective.  I'll share behind-the-scenes update, new product launches, musicians I've just discovered, and a plethora of cafe pics.
Instead of having a neatly packaged plan, I’ll be sharing organically how we carry on.  I think it’s also interesting to see the entrepreneurial experience behind it and what thought goes into it.  I would love to say I have a set plan that’s super organized on how this relaunch will look.  But, that’s not me.  This will be more organic and responsive.  
I invite you to join me in this and be a part of it.  Check out the newsletter and follow on the 'gram, Pinterest, Tumblr, or the blog (links below).  If you would like to be a guest blogger or do a take over to share your experiences with travel or a piece of clothing that reminds you of passage in time, a new artist or musician you’re into, all of it - I encourage you to reach out.  I'd love to hear from you!


In the meantime, please follow along, share, and continue to experience and create memories along the way!


More to come…xK

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