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In front of the camera, behind the lens, and inside the mind: An Exploration through Photography

In front of the camera, behind the lens, and inside the mind. Reflecting a bit further on this theme, photography and how we get dressed every morning aren't really that different - each a way we wish to convey ourselves to the world - what we can invoke about ourselves to others and how we can curate the image we hope others may have of us.

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One image & a thousand different ways to see it

One image and a thousand different ways to see it. A nice metaphor. Scrolling through my phone and came across the shots from a solo shoot I did in Jan for my kimonos and kaftans. I love the idea of one image, but all these different ways to see it and interpret it. A slight movement transforms the perception, the mood.  Makes me reflect on how a slight shift in how I see something may transform how I interpret it - a shift in mind creates a change in view. A powerful thought, isn't it?   How have your views changed and what shifted in your mind? 

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Happy New Year! Insights from 2020 & Things to Look Forward to

Possibilities, Discoveries, and New Beginnings A new year marks a change - the ending of something and beginning of something. Change isn’t inherently good or bad, but marks a transition in circumstances. On a personal level, it’s not what your circumstances are necessarily, but how you feel about your circumstances that will inform your perspective - i.e. your mindset. And for me, that’s been the heart of this particular change at the New Year. Just like Ovid’s Metamorphoses is about transformation and transition, both brand and myself are undergoing a transformation and I’d like to share a few takeaways and things to look forward to:

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