#StoriesofFashion | A Ring from Portbello Road Market London

Ring on the right, picked up on one of my first solo trips. I think I was 20? I was in Dublin for the summer, attending classes at Trinity. 

I took a short stop in London before I headed back to college in the Midwest of the US. This was pre-smart phone, pre-wifi, pre-all-info-at-your-finger-tips -- I just knew my subway stop and decided, if I figure out how to get back there, then I'm good to wander about wherever. 

Off I went to explore and let the feelings dictate what streets I took. 

I knew I wanted to get to the antique markets on Portobello Road and that's where I picked up this ring. For me, this ring is a symbol of personal freedom; my first time abroad alone - A remembrance from the fear and anxiety that comes with being alone in a foreign place.  Instead of ignoring the discomfort, I breathed into those feelings, letting them exist and acknowledging the beauty of this experience.

I knew I was experiencing them because of this moment I was in and I knew a change was happening in myself. I felt a slow metamorphosis.


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