Ovid Photoshoot :: Behind the Scenes

Know your angles.

Our model, the lovely Sayaka, certainly knows her angles. She's a pro at this, along with our photographer, Sergi, who collaborated with us for our Barcelona capsule photoshoot. Here are some shots from the day and a behind-the-scenes look!



Behind the curtain.

Piles of clothing. Lots of accessories. Trying to create looks and select spots to shoot. So many options, can be a bit overwhelming. But we persevered, in the name of fashion, in the name of travel, in the name of Ovid.  

Our shoot was on location at the beautiful and lesser-known park, Teatre Grec on Montjuïc. An amphitheater, rose garden, and cool architecture :: I've been wanting to shoot here forever.


A glimpse of the looks of the day


+  +  +

Due to a summer night theatre performance later that evening, the park was mostly closed posing a challenge, since many of the specific areas we wanted to shoot were taped off. Thinking the tape was a mere suggestion, we pressed on to capture some shots.  

Perhaps that it was super early in the morning, our negotiation skills were not sharpened and we were politely asked to move elsewhere after some words with security.

No worries - We didn't quite have a permit to shoot so we were happy we weren't asked to leave completely.  So far so good.


+  +  +   


Not shooting in a studio means you wear the studio...

After so many shoots in my past, you would think I'd dress like a normal person on the day of. Nope. Still nope.

I am a walking catalogue :: sporty bra top, market finds bag, Shicato pom pom hat...


Our gorgeous, Sayaka, looking lovely as always.  This Japanese beauty made the shoot seamless. There are no bad shots, seriously. Now we have to select through thousands of perfect photos, not a bad problem to have!


+  +  +   

From great heights.  Fearless Sayaka casually climbed up these steps for this look. It's a long way down on the other side...


One of the most fun looks to shoot :: palms + neon coral + fun skirt :: We can't get enough of this series! 

As always, Barcelona showed up and knew her angles as well.  A lovely backdrop.


Want to see more shots from the day? Head to our site and shop our Barcelona collection.



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