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It all starts with a blank page and something with which to put down your thoughts – draw, write, whatever - Make that creativity in your mind come to life. 

As an entrepreneur who’s alone in the journey, often I get lost in my thoughts. Some make it to paper as I am a serial “journaler,” while others float around until they are eventually resolved or forgotten.  For Ovid, I, of course, have a million plans and ideas that rise up throughout the day – many of which are unrealistic for this particular time. However, “realistic-ness” has never been a requisite for an idea of mine… Anyway, I digress.
One of the ideas is to blog about my experiences, travel, etc. - hardly original, but something to share nonetheless. Of course, grand ideas swirl around about how it comes to life and I can picture the best possible version of it.  Then realness casts it's vote. I am disciplined, but sometimes not in this particular direction. Hence the reason it has not been fully awakened after all this time.
No matter, let’s start now. I (suppose I) will share monthly (or more, or less) what’s happening (or what’s not happening) with Ovid. (I think I've peppered that declaration with enough room to do actually as I want.) Being an entrepreneur while having a demanding full-time job and robust social life is a lot to balance. But that’s fine – it’s how I like it. I’d rather paint with lots of colors and make a beautiful mess than create a new, monochromatic piece. I can appreciate the latter but it’s just not my style.
So let's get after it.  This is Ovid, this is me, in all the messy colors. You'll hear from me soon. Enjoy.

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