Manifest (in 3. Parts)

(Part 1.) Bringing ideas and experiences from your mind to another space - A metamorphosis from imagination to the present. What ideas are you bringing to light? How are your experiences manifesting in your present?

(Part 2.) Ideas and experiences manifested into new forms - clothing as a reflection of these experiences and a way to create new experiences. What stories do your clothes tell?


(Part 3.) What's the memory behind this kimono? I missed a flight to Barcelona, was sad/angry so I went to the fabric store and bought this print. Went home and focused my energy in creating something beautiful. I wear this quite a lot and always feel positive, artistic, and sensual. It's a soft linen/viscose blend that has a nice drape and flow; echoes the tropics with the palm print and blue hues. It encapsulates a memory of taking a negative situation and evolving it to something beautiful, somehow. Positivity manifested. And it's also a platform for new memories to be created, wearing this kimono in new experiences. Continuing the story through clothing and writing new ones.

How do you imagine, create? and how are memories encapsulated into clothing or other objects you carry with you?

Experiences manifested into other forms.

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