5 Songs we've got on repeat this week from our global music mix tape

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This week, we’ve gotten lost in our Global Jams playlist. As we sit at our desk tending to work and obligations, we’re exploring parts of the world through music. Discover our top 5 songs we’ve got on repeat this week!

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1. "Una Rosa Blanca" Ibrahim Maalouf

Album Cover of Ibrahim Maalouf Una Rosa Blanca

2. "Tender Love" Mounika., Ocie Elliott

Album Cover of Mounika song Feeling Good

3. "Copulations" Peter Cat Recording Co.

Album Cover of Peter Cat Recording Co. Copulations


4. "Abusey Junction" KOKOROKO

Album Cover of KOKOROKO Abusey Junction

5. "Que No Te Digan Muñecos" AfroCubism

Album Cover of AfroCubism Que No Te Digan Muñeca


Hope these songs add something extra to your week.

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