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Although my life may seem a bit chaotic from the outside -- activities, colors, places, always being late (sorry!) -- there is a surprising amount of organization in my day-to-day. One such thing is my obsession with lists. Perhaps it's part of my visual nature or the fear of forgetting something, I am obsessing create lists and write in my journals. I often have multiple lists and journals competing for space in my mental landscape. As a result of this obsession, I've also created many lists about my travel experience. This is part of the fun :: the research of a place before you travel, creating a playlist for when you'll be there, reading travel memoirs about the place to which you're traveling, and going through the maps scope out the perfect, artisan cafés that serve a proper flat white.


With the creation of The Ovid Collective, I also wanted to share the other side of traveling - the non-tangible, experiential perspectives of traveling. For each person this is unique in how it plays out, but the idea of looking at each trip as a bookended, capsule of time that you can filter in experiences specific to this locale, is something that everyone can share together. Plus, seeing a city as a tourist can give you a new perspective on how different people interpret experiences differently, what they see, what's important to them, what about the location provoked a change within them. After all, The Ovid Collective is about your metamorphosis for when you travel and the experiences leading up to it and thereafter. 


The curated lifestyle pages are just this :: my particular lens when I travel to a new place - what I saw, where I wandered, cafés I happened upon :: All experiences that lead up to the metamorphosis that this city presents upon me.  Here I will be sharing with you my experience and hopefully you will be able to feel as though you experienced this location a bit as well.

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