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Café Thoughts

Give me quality espresso, an eclectic playlist, and a thoughtfully designed space. 

One of my favorite things to do is explore through cafés - either for doing work or to simply observe from behind a flat white. Each has a unique design and type of clientele, you can hop from world to world just in the space of a coffee shop.
What's your favorite café and where? I'll make a few:
Anana Coffee, Athens, Greece
Two coffees on a bar at a window

Madison, WI

@Cafe Royale - Going to undergrad at UW, many of my days were spent at coffee shops around campus, rotating various places depending on my mood. Café Royale was one of my roosts - a steady flow of vanilla lattes, good music by cute, amateur barista-DJ-liberal arts majors, and the comraderie of fellow students with a lot of reading to do as I poured over my Greek & Latin texts (Classics major), acutely aware of this special moment in my life.
Kaale Kaffi, Luxembourg (bookstore, art gallery and café)
Cafe with many paintings on the wall and books around


@thinkcoffeenyc on Mercer bc they'd be bumping to '90/2000's R&B while students poured over giant textbooks and the sound of the steamer would compete with sudden bursts of laughter. A funny juxtaposition. I'd be esconded away in some corner, creating a private space in a city of 8 million. 
@Fair Folks & a Goat - a coffee membership afforded me unlimited cappuccinos for $25 a month in this design studio/concept shop - I loved it. Every morning I'd walk here from my Sullivan St. apartment on my 25 minute journey to the office up Fifth, iced latte in tow and not feeling so guilty about spending most my paycheck on rent since I was being "sensible" with my coffee budget. 
Cafe Reggio, NYC
Inside a cafe Cafe table with cappuccinos


@galeriacosmo, cafe slash art studio with monthly installations and good dirty chai lattes. It was a second home during business school, a slightly more productive location since it's wifi-free and cell service inside is terrible, just the art to distract us. 
@morrowcoffee - pictured above. When I'm back in Barcelona, Alex and I are here every day. Sometimes to knock through a bit of work, sometimes to just get out of the apartment. These guys are serious about coffee with a roaster in the back, creating their own blends. Good beans, cool interior and eclectic music. Checks all the boxes.
Laptop at a cafe
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