Café Thoughts: Bangkok Edition

Blog Post about a Alley Cat Cafe in Bangkok. Image of a cappuccino on a tiled table with plants.


We may be home but that's doesn't mean we can't travel in our mind or reminisce of places we've traveled.

I took this shot at a cat cafe on a side street in Bangkok I found while seeking refuge from the sun. A moment to write, reflect and somehow make these fleeting moments a bit more long-lasting by committing them to ink in my journal. I remember the feeling of sitting here observing, listening to distant conversations and smiling at the way of life in a place foreign to me - A whole world outside of mine. And once again, I'm brought back to it as I write now, from my distant apartment in Germany - A whole world outside and away from that moment.

How often do we collect memories, whether to paper or image, so that we can travel back in time to visit once again? Years later, I can still remember this particular moment I created at this café in Bangkok - a bit weary from travel, consciously aware that I was alone in a foreign city and excited by that fact, eager to discover new places but searching for glimpses of similarities to my home. My mind suspending multiple worlds and memories at the same time as I create new moments with each minute, a mix of past present and future all at once.

Often when I travel, I have this distinct feeling that I'm in multiple places at the same time - past, present, and future. And perhaps this is a function of memories - creating new memories while reflecting on past memories, and overlaying what I believe the future memories will hold. Much like in this moment at the café where I actively committed to paper what I was experiencing at that moment, I interlaced past experiences and future hopes - again, this past present and future all at once.

How we create our worlds and our realities is incredibly interesting and unique - to each, we have our own world of infinite memories and experiences, available for us to recall back at a moment's notice. 

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