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OM Edition 5˚ May 2021 - Transition & the Pursuit of Perfection. 


Ovid Culture Magazine Issue 5 May


OM Edition 4˚ April 2021 - Of things changed, old into new form.


4x3 Row of the same/similar images of a woman sitting down against a white wall, wearing a black hat and blue shirt. Text reads: Ovid Magazine E4 April 2021: Listen, See, Read, Perceive, Taste. In block letters, "Curated Culture Picks"



OM Edition 3˚ March 2021 - Objects that tell stories

Girl with bag saying, I'm going to travel the world

OM Edition 2˚ February 2021 - Bangladesh


OM Edition 1˚ January 2021

Ovid Magazine Spotify Global Artists Playlist

OM Edition 0.2˚ Part 2: See Make Taste 

The Ovid Collective Magazine January 2021 Edition 1 Part 2

OM Edition 0.1˚ December 2020 Part 1: Listen

The Ovid Collective Magazine December 2020 Edition 0

Listen to our Spotify Playlist: Cape Verde by Ovid Collective