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Curated Lifestyle

Although my life may seem a bit chaotic from the outside -- activities, colors, places, always being late (sorry!) -- there is a surprising amount of organization in my day-to-day. One such thing is my obsession with lists. Perhaps it's part of my visual nature or the fear of forgetting something, I am obsessing create lists and write in my journals. I often have multiple lists and journals competing for space in my mental landscape. As a result of this obsession, I've also created many lists about my travel experience. This is part of the fun :: the research of a place before you travel, creating a playlist for when you'll be there, reading travel memoirs about the place to...

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Travel + Metamorphosis

    At a lively café tucked in an alleyway somewhere in East London on a cold, rainy day. Peering up at me is a steaming pot of proper Irish porridge with fruits, dates, and honey. A bit of a nomad today, I depart for Spain in the evening and I’m in the sweet limbo of the coming-and-going when you’re traveling — where you can pause from your everyday life and shadow a parallel existence — live in an alternative life, to which another series of choices may have directed you. Where would I reside if given a choice? The city is vast with opportunities to explore, yet I’m weighed down by what I’ve brought to it — perhaps quite physically and a bit metaphorically. Thinking...

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