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Striped Sporty Bra Top

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Your day is diverse - wake up, work or school, you're running around, maybe a yoga class in the evening or a dance workshop, followed by drinks with friends.

Enter the Sporty Bra Top.  

Ee... ¿como?  Yes, that's right. You will live in this. A bra top that takes you through your full day. You can tackled the work-related stuff and then have time for a pilates class, followed by social hour -- without changing.  


Super cute bra you can wear underneath a loose tank to show a bit of the bra or you can keep it to yourself and just know you're wearing something sassy. Selfie to show the different styles to wear ;)

Poly/Spandex blend with stretch.

Criss-Cross straps

Keyhole opening at front

Support enough for low impact sports - pilates, yoga, dancing, running to catch the metro...

 Sizing Help:

S-M fits best 32A-32B-32C, 34A-34B, 36A | M-L fits best 34B-34C-34D, 36A-36B-36C, 38A-38B


In an effort to be a positive contribution in the fashion supply chain and to raise awareness for the apparel supply chain, we are posting our Sourcing Checklist so that you may understand where the raw materials for this garment is sourced and who made it. If you have further questions about our practices, please email us and we will do our best to answer your questions. 
Ethical + Conscious Fashion Transparency Check:
Low-Moderate Transparency
Fabrics - bought retail - original source unknown*
Sewn - Made in a local workshop in Barcelona  
*What does this mean? These fabrics were bought at a retail shop in NYC and in Barcelona, and we do not know the original source from where these shops purchase these materials. Why were these bought in this manner? Candidly, price and minimums. Ovid is still quite small and as we grow, we hope to have more control and buying power over our raw sources so that we can know our sources and make impact purchasing.