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Shicato Ricarda Earrings

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These earrings are individually handmade in Ecuador from the Tagua Nut, otherwise known as "vegetable ivory."  This nut is grown in the Amazonian rainforest and is 100% sustainable.
The earrings are light and hollow, which makes them fragile. Please handle delicately and lovingly. Due to this being a natural material, slight color variances may occur from the image on our site to the actual product you receive.


• Composition: Tagua Nut
• Color: Acqua
 Closure: Clip fastening
 Dimensions:  8.5cm long
• Weight: 10gr approx.
 Made at a Women's Co-op in Ecuador



Ethical + Conscious Fashion Transparency Check:
High Transparency
Materials - 100% ecological materials
Fabrication - Handmade by a women's co-op in Ecuador.