Kenya Sisal Tote
Kenya Sisal Tote
Kenya Sisal Tote
Kenya Sisal Tote
Kenya Sisal Tote

Kenya Sisal Tote

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Ovid Market Finds :: Nairobi Sisal Large Tote

Found in a small market in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. Black + White geometric designs contrasted with tan leather. 

• Sisal woven fabric, Sisal is a natural fiber made from Agave plants.
• Leather straps
• Zipper closure
• Black, taffeta lining
• Dimensions: 17" wide at top, 10.5" high, ~4" deep. Straps 12"


  Traveling through Kenya during the month of January, I had the great pleasure to explore different markets, meet shop owners, and get a feeling for Kenya fashion and design.

    I kept seeing these large, fabric totes in beautiful colors and cool patterns and I had to have one. I tracked down a market that sold these and...went a little crazy - I fell in love with all of them! After coming to my senses and the realization that I had very limited luggage space (mainly because I was carrying back so many fabrics for the next Ovid capsule, be on the look out!), I could only bring back a few of these bags.  




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