Guatemala Huipil White Clutch
Guatemala Huipil White Clutch

Guatemala Huipil White Clutch

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Ovid Market Finds :: Guatemala Huipil White Clutch

A weekend trip to Central America and we made a stop in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala. 



    Traveling through Central America last month and we stopped by a local market in Antigua, Guatemala.  "Huipil" is the traditional Mayan "tunic" that was worn by women and carries much cultural significance.  These have been modified into more design pieces, like bags, belts, and more.  We fell in love with the variety, vibrance and beauty of this weaving tradition.  We've got to go back.  To tide us over, we picked up a few envelope clutches using these textiles.  We could have bought them all but alas, limited suitcase space!

In effort to support local artisan communities and cultures, beyond purchasing directly from them, The Ovid Collective will donate a portion of the proceeds to charities benefiting these communities directly. Benefitting Mayan women, The Women’s Justice Initiative, based in Guatemala  will receive a portion of profits generated from these sales.  

I will place a minimum threshold to donate that I will personally fulfill should I not sell all these items (to ensure there is a meaningful donation.) Thanks for your purchase which makes this possible! 


• Beautiful blue & white embroidery motif with pom-poms
• Cotton embroidery, nylon lining
• Snap envelope closure with inner zipper
• Small inner zipper pocket
• Dimensions: 25cm wide, 18cm high, long strap 125cm


In an effort to be a positive contribution in the fashion supply chain and to raise awareness to the complexity and opaqueness that often exists and masks negative impacts, we are posting our Sourcing Checklist. This is in order for you to understand where the raw materials are sourced, who made it, and your impact as a consumer. Buying apparel is a choice and it is important to know the impact of your choice and everyone it touches. If you have further questions about our practices, please email us and we will do our best to answer your questions. 
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Product - Bought at a local, retail market in Antigua.