Deep Purple & Gold Sari Kimono
Deep Purple & Gold Sari Kimono
Deep Purple & Gold Sari Kimono
Deep Purple & Gold Sari Kimono

Deep Purple & Gold Sari Kimono

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Each of our kimonos tells a story about how it changed, from Little India in Kuala Lumpur to Barcelona and now to you, where it will become part of the story you create. Wear this one-of-a-kind Kimono in the Sari fabric in a rich purple and gold over jeans for a unique, casual look or dress it up with heels and hoops for a chic yet distinct look.
This kimono silhouette lets you experience Japan while this Sari fabric allows you to travel to India via Malaysia through fashion. Read more about each in our magazine and blog.

Details: One-of-a-Kind Sari Kimono in a rich purple with gold leaf and a jewel-toned embroidery at back panel. It's simply beautiful. A gold wire embroidery is woven throughout the fabric, giving it an elegant shine.
100% Cotton woven fabric
Wide kimono sleeves, open front falls right below knee
Lined in accent jewel tone deep emerald
Pockets (yes!)
Belt Loops with belt
Each kimono comes with a complementary face mask


Origins: This is Sari fabric bought in Little India in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Satin lining was bought in Barcelona at one of the oldest, local fabric suppliers.

"Model" is around 5'2" (157cm) and this falls just below knee.

How to style: You can select the occasion - it can be formal, worn over a dress or tied as a dress, with heels and jewelry.  Or, it can be casual, worn loose over jeans, tied at the waist. Feeling extra casual? This can also be a robe or worn as a swimsuit cover up. Want more ideas? Visit our free style guide!

The light sky blue lining makes for a pretty accent to roll up the sleeves.

How to care: Hand wash separately or dry clean (sorry!). Do not iron. 

Like all of our products, this kimono is Made in Barcelona at a local workshop with our atelier partners.

~106 cm length


Ethical + Conscious Fashion Transparency Check:

Moderate-High Transparency

Fabrics - bought locally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Barcelona, Spain

Sewn - Made in a local workshop in Barcelona