Meet the Artisans behind Kwetu Africa Design

Adam - Kwetu Artisan and owner for Xarafa Clothing in Tanzania.

Adam is an artisan from Tanzania and owns a shop under Xarafa Clothing & Accessories. “Inspired by nature and obsessed with quality,” Adam focuses on showcasing the beautiful Tanzania through his tote-bags and everyday bags. Adam inspires to expand his shop and produce at a large scale in the future. Kwetu is working closely with Adam to enable that he is able to expand his products to new markets and build a close partnership.

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Saida - Kwetu Artisan and designer behind the glass bead pouches and bags in Tanzania.

Currently in her fifties, Saida is a Kwetu artisan from Tanzania, making beaded clutches. She also owns a small grocery shop (known as “duka” in Swahili) and makes on average $200 monthly. Not only is she able to be creative, these clutches provide an additional and essential means for her to earn an extra income and support herself. She aspires to train more women to bead the clutches. She started with one and Kwetu won’t let her stop!