About The Ovid Collective

Travel-inspired Fashion Collection + Curated Lifestyle Brand + Global Artisan Platform 

Learn more about The Ovid Collective & our mission to share experiences that change us and design clothing that is inspired by these global experiences!

Experiences change us for the better - as we explore a new part of the world, music, or art, we explore a part of ourselves. The clothing we wear speaks of each experience and is a remembrance of what changed us. 
What you wore, when...

What is The Ovid Collective

The Ovid Collective is a men's and women's fashion collection, inspired by different places around the world and our experience in each place.  Each season, we release a new clothing collection based on a different destination, reflective of the location and our experience, and a curated lifestyle guide to that particular location - what we saw, how we felt, what we listened to, and what we wore.  

Ovid Loves Artisans

In addition to the clothing, we find local artisans who work to preserve traditional textiles and craftmanship and we offer their accessories. By purchasing from an Ovid Loves Artisans brand, you are helping to contribute to the preservation of traditional crafts and livelihood of artisans around the world. 

The Ovid Collective X sustainability

Many small drops make the ocean


We believe that small impact matters.  At The Ovid Collective, we try our best to use ethical sourcing and make conscious choices about our practices.  We are small but we feel that each step helps move the meter forward. 

To show our commitment, we have ranked each one of our styles in terms of supply chain transparency and posted where each part is sourced, how, and why. This is our Transparency Checklist. While we work towards full transparency and control, we also recognize that at times, these sourcing choices may be out of our control and that there will be times where we do not know our full supply chain. We want to be transparent about our efforts and limitations and we hope that one day we will have full control over the entire supply chain. Until that day, we will work towards closing this gap. 

If you have doubts or questions about our sourcing and practices, please feel free to drop us a line and we will do our best to address your concerns.


Who's behind The Ovid Collective? 


Hello, you.
Kate = NYC fashion designer + Classics lover + wanderlust soul. Texture, patterns, culture, people, anthropology, music, cafes, wandering. These are the sources of my inspiration and what I pour into each collection. Travel has been an important aspect of my personal evolution.

Before each trip, I make a playlist, read a book based in that location, and seek out cafés that will all become part of that location’s narrative and memory for me. Years later, these curated experiences carry a memory of that time and that location that I can return to.


::  The Ovid Collective is a reflection of what inspires me around the world, manifested into a lifestyle brand for men & women.  Join the community of fellow wanderlust souls. Travel well  ::