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Oromía Mini Tote

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The Oromía region is home of the Oromo people, who call themselves Illm' Orma, or "Sons of Men," and who represent roughly 40% of Ethiopia's population.  

Anna and the artisans have named this bag after the region and the Suri tribe, known for their use of clay lip plates, whose characteristics match the bag:  A strong and original personality. 

  • Made with the highest quality, precious calfskin leather and textiles from the region.
  • Sewn by hand by Ethiopian artisans.
  • Small zipper pockets inside and a small mobile pocket.
  • Cotton lining in the interior
  • Premium quality gold exterior zipper.
  • Closure with an exterior flap with magnet.

Highest quality calfskin leather and locally sourced cotton textiles.

29cm x 25,5cm x 11cm

100% handmade in Ethiopia