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Tigray Bag

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The Tigray Bag derives its name from the Tigray Region of Ethiopian, one the nine ethnically based states.  It is home to the Tigray, Irob, and Kunama people.

This precious calfskin leather bag has rich hues of ochres and browns, which characterize the Árido Passage of the Tigray region of Ethiopia.  Soft yet durable, we love this versatile bag because it goes with everything!

  • Made with precious calfskin leather and sewn by hand by Ethiopian artisans.
  • Unique geometric design which incorporates local Ethiopian textiles.
  • Small zipper pockets inside, including a small mobile pocket.
  • Cotton lining on the interior.
  • Premium quality gold exterior zipper. 

Highest quality calfskin leather and locally sourced cotton textiles.

11cm x 15cm x 4cm

100% handmade in Ethiopia