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In front of the camera, behind the lens, and inside the mind: An Exploration through Photography

In front of the camera, behind the lens, and inside the mind. Reflecting a bit further on this theme, photography and how we get dressed every morning aren't really that different - each a way we wish to convey ourselves to the world - what we can invoke about ourselves to others and how we can curate the image we hope others may have of us.

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One image & a thousand different ways to see it

One image and a thousand different ways to see it. A nice metaphor. Scrolling through my phone and came across the shots from a solo shoot I did in Jan for my kimonos and kaftans. I love the idea of one image, but all these different ways to see it and interpret it. A slight movement transforms the perception, the mood.  Makes me reflect on how a slight shift in how I see something may transform how I interpret it - a shift in mind creates a change in view. A powerful thought, isn't it?   How have your views changed and what shifted in your mind? 

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