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Five Songs We've Got on Repeat this Week

Five Songs We've Got on Repeat this Week This week, we’ve gotten lost in our Global Jams playlist. As we sit at our desk tending to work and obligations, we’re exploring parts of the world through music. Discover our top 5 songs we’ve got on repeat this week. Listen here:

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Ovid Loves Music :: Manel

Hey Ovidians! Whatcha listening to these days?? Music has the special power to transport you to many places - be it a location, a time in your life, or even another person's experience. The power all lay within your imagination and willingness to travel.    It's high summer and we're listening to Barcelona band, Manel.  More specifically, the song "Ai, Dolors." This came on the radio while driving to a beach near Costa Brava, hoping to escape a bit of the heat and summer crowds.   🍍 ❤ 🌴        Wanna have a listen?  Check out Ai, Dolors here   Manel is a Catalan folk-pop band that made its critically-acclaimed album debut in 2008 with Els Millors. Founded...

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