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Happy New Year! Insights from 2020 & Things to Look Forward to

Possibilities, Discoveries, and New Beginnings A new year marks a change - the ending of something and beginning of something. Change isn’t inherently good or bad, but marks a transition in circumstances. On a personal level, it’s not what your circumstances are necessarily, but how you feel about your circumstances that will inform your perspective - i.e. your mindset. And for me, that’s been the heart of this particular change at the New Year. Just like Ovid’s Metamorphoses is about transformation and transition, both brand and myself are undergoing a transformation and I’d like to share a few takeaways and things to look forward to:

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The Ovid Collective News: A postcard from an entrepreneur

A revamp, a metamorphosis The Ovid Collective is undergoing a revamp, a re-evaluation, a focus on what’s important.  Things are changing at Ovid Collective. It will be slow, gradual, and will evolve along the way.  Important changes are often gradual and hard to see in the minutiae, but they are lasting.  Over this course, I'll share updates and snapshots from this metamorphosis, both as a brand and entrepreneur.  

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Ovid Photoshoot :: Behind the Scenes

Know your angles. Our model, the lovely Sayaka, certainly knows her angles. She's a pro at this, along with our photographer, Sergi, who collaborated with us for our Barcelona capsule photoshoot. Here are some shots from the day and a behind-the-scenes look!     Behind the curtain. Piles of clothing. Lots of accessories. Trying to create looks and select spots to shoot. So many options, can be a bit overwhelming. But we persevered, in the name of fashion, in the name of travel, in the name of Ovid.   Our shoot was on location at the beautiful and lesser-known park, Teatre Grec on Montjuïc. An amphitheater, rose garden, and cool architecture :: I've been wanting to shoot here forever.  ...

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